Too Much 80s Music

80s music made a huge comeback in Israel a few years ago. Unfortunately this trend refuses to leave us. It seems to haunt me in every cafe I’m sitting it.

There was some good music in that decade. I like U2’s first albums, The Police, Dire Straights, and the Pixies among other (few) acts. But those rock bands, despite their popularity, weren’t the sound of those times. The discovery of synthesizers caught the attraction of musicians, the media and the public.

Electronic music has evolved since then. The sound became better, the use became wiser and the songs less idiotic. But back then, songs like these were big hits:

Just heard it while surfing the web on my laptop using wireless technology in 2010. Stupid words and bad sound. The cold singing styles continues as I type…

Here’s something that’s more to my liking. Neil Young and Dave Matthews collaborate in a show for Haiti. It’s a combination of hi-tech recording equipment with low-tech acoustic guitars and excellent performers.

I hope that more songs like these will be heard in the cafes in Tel Aviv…

Zero7 – Could be better

The British duo Zero7 performed in Israel. I’m a big fan of the band. Their show in Tel Aviv had many interesting versions to old hits, but too many new songs which are in a totally different style.

Zero7 put a nice show. The lighting was excellent, and they enjoyed good sound. Good sound isn’t so common in live performances in Israel.

They made acoustic versions to many of their big hits, from “Simple Things”, their first album, and from the second one “When It Falls”. I liked these versions. All the singers have good voices, and they didn’t need too much noise in the background.

Their hit “Destiny” was well accepted by the audience. Also “In the Waiting Line” which was accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a cello was great. I recognized one song from the third album, “The Garden”, which had a slightly different style.

The downside was the new and fourth album, Yeah Ghost, featured in their website. I understand that they came to support its release, but there was too much of Bouncy Bouncing Bounce Tents. The style is totally different: it’s electronic non-vocal music from outer space. It was fun to dance with such a track for a song or two, but there were way too many tracks like this.

I don’t expect a band with 4 albums to stick to old hits, but they should have taken their audience’s preferences in consideration.

The evening began with the Israeli band Coolooosh, which was a great warmup. The guys from Jerusalem play funk music with some interesting jazzy beats.

Here’s one song that was missing from Zero7’s show, called Salt Water Sound. It’s also missing from most of the first album’s releases, but appears as a bonus track:

Pearl Jam coming to Europe

Pearl Jam, one of my favorite bands, is coming to Europe this summer. I’m going to Werchter Rock festival in Belgium at the beginning of July. They won’t be there, but rather in mid-August in other cities in the old continent. Details here.

But I might make an extra effort, and if I’m lucky, I might make a quick jump to London or Berlin and see Eddie Vedder and the gang. 

I grew up in the 90s, when Seattle grunge music was at its peak. Here’s one of my favorite songs, Rearviewmirror:

Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror.Click here for the funniest movie of the week

What do I do in life? I’m a musician!

Well, I’m no musician, but that’s an answer that I prefer to say over my profession. It sounds better! Anyway, music is a hobby that I enjoy very much. 

In the past months I’ve been playing on the base guitar with my friend Lior. He writes excellent original songs which we performed on stage. He plays the acoustic guitar. Another friend, Amit, joined in the second show on the drums. In our recent, and third show we Gil on the saxophone as a guest.

In this last show, I also sang one song, Neil Young’s Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World. This is a song I love, and I hope that I didn’t ruin it too much…I apologize for the quality of the video as well:

Keep on Rockin in the Free World – Cover VersionThe most popular videos are a click away

And, here’s another song we performed on stage, Lior’s :”Mehaka Lera”, which translates to something like “Waiting for Worse”:

The funniest videos clips are here

If you want to hear more of Lior’s songs, check out his MySpace.