And One more gig in Israel. Please!

The German band And One performed a great show in Tel Aviv. I had little expectations from an electronic band from the 80s, but their style and their engagement with the the audience was wonderful, and I’m truly waiting for their next promised visit in 2009.

And One in Israel
Picture credit: Jasmine.

The 80s were a dark period in music. The “dark 80s” style is even darker! It always amazes me that 80s song are still written nowadays. Morrissey, which will perform in Israel this summer, is one of the only great artists that emerged from the 80s.

But last Friday, Jasmine took me to And One’s concert in the Barby club. Three hours late of schedule (which is late also for a middle eastern country), they guys were on stage, and I enjoyed every minute, despite the lack of guitars on stage.

The only musical instruments that were used were two synthesizers, played by Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli. They were responsible for all the sound. For someone who plays the guitar occasionally, and likes the sound of live music, this was weird, but that’s part of the genre, and they sure know how to make the people dance.

You can see here their hit “Sometimes”:

And One – Sometimes in TA, IsraelFunny bloopers are a click away

Steve Naghavi, the lead singer, sure has style. Dressed in a 3-part suit, and running all over the stage, he gave a great performance. I knew only a small portion of their repertoire, but enjoyed the act very much.

Apart from the band’s hits, they made cover versions of Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure and a few more hits (from the 80s, naturally). Most of the songs were in English, whilst some were in German. The singer made his homework, and spoke various words in Hebrew with the enthusiastic crowd. He also promised to come back next year…

Show coverage on Blond Mobile.
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Opening act: Beyond Cause.
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If Neil Young doesn’t come to Israel, then

I’ll go see him elsewhere. I’ve just received my entry ticket to the Rock Werchter festival. Neil Young is performing on July 4th, the second day of the 4-day festival.

I became a fan of Young in the past few years. I love his songs, his lengthly guitar solos, and his political thoughts. It’s amazing that this singer is still creating new and exciting material all the time. Many of his generation (he’s been in Woodstock!) are not active anymore.

I’ve featured his songs a few times on the blog, and here’s the song No Hidden Path from his last album Chrome Dreams II:

More about Neil Young in Wikipedia, and for news, check out Thrasher Wheat’s excellent fan blog.

Apart from Young, the festival has lots of other big names that are definitely worth seeing: Radiohead, R.E.M, Lenny Kravitz, My Morning Jacket and Moby to name a few. Check out the site for all the details.

So, in two months time, I’ll be at a small Belgian village, enjoying those performances. Yeah!

Max Romeo in Zion

In the past few months I’ve dived into reggae music. One of my favorite artists is Max Romeo, and I was lucky enough to see this veteran reggae prince, here in Israel:

Max Romeo

After a short warmup by his 7 band members, I was excited to see a 60+ man with long gray dreadlocks sing clearly and dance on the stage.

His repertoire includes lots of hits. He began with some big hits, but it seemed that it took him some time to warm up. At the beginning of the show he looked as if he had done this act too many times. His band was enthusiastic throughout the show.

Later on, Max Romeo and the crowd got closer together and the bass beat was felt strongly across the hall. The peak was his song “I chase the devil” which was renewed by The Prodigy years later, and was a big hit.

My favorites were “Little time for Jah”, “Three Blind Mice”, “One step forward”, “200 years of history” and “Public enemy no 1.” which wrapped up the show.

Max Romeo In Tel Aviv

The crowd didn’t let go of him and demanded more and more songs. His guitarist promised that he’ll be back on the next day for another show…

A few more notes: his base guitar player (a female) played on headless bass and there was something that I’ve never seen before: Sometimes they began playing a part of the song, stopped playing, asked “Are you ready?” and then played the song from the beginning. Well, that was the first time I’ve seen this…

Anyway, it was a great musical and emotional experience.

Max Romeo, March 5th, 2008, live at “Barby”, Tel Aviv.

More pictures of Max Romeo’s show in Tel Aviv

Idan Rabinovici – Young and Touching Singer-Songwriter

Idan Rabinovici recently released his debut album named Bedroom Folk. He celebrated the release in a big performance, with lots of musicians:

His style is usually minimalistic. He accompanies himself with an acoustic guitar, and sometimes another person plays along or sings along. At this special show there were lots of musicians with various musical instruments.

Idan Rabinovich

The show was great. Apart from the full album’s songs, we had the chance to hear songs that didn’t make it into the album. The place, Levontin 7, was packed, and Idan’s excitement was felt all over.

Since it took me too long to write about this performance, it’s hard for me to elaborate about the show, but I can conclude that it was great. I’ve purchased the album and I listen to it again and again.

So, if you’re living in Israel and interested in good original folk music in English, you can see his next shows through his MySpace site or you can buy the album here (Hebrew site).
I usually prefer buying albums at live shows – more money goes to the artists and less money goes to the middle men.

So, I enjoyed his music, and you also will.
His next show is on April 17th, at “Zusammen”, Lilenblum 25, Tel Aviv.
More pictures from Idan Rabinovici’s special show.

Another Brochure Post for Tel Aviv

After over a week of very cold weather the sun healed. While enjoying the sun, I also did some light-weight political activity, enjoyed live music on the streets and filled my belly. I love the city a lot, and here’s a post that mixes everything. Yup, you’ve heard it before…

Friday in Tel Aviv

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