My Bloggers Code of Ethics

Following a few incidents I had, here are 6 simple rules that comprise my code of ethics. They are simple straightforward and logical. I’ll be glad for feedback:

  1. No spam.
  2. Comments: Please respond to the contents of the post.
  3. Credit for help: If I’ve helped you with something on your blog that required significant attention – more than answering a single question – please thank me with a small link to the blog.
  4. Picture usage: Use freely and credit with a small link to the blog.
  5. Content usage: Want to quote / copy /recycle my content? Please copy no more than two paragraphs and link to the original post.
  6. No insults: No unnecessary insults, to the blog owner, guest writers, or commentators.

That’s it! I’ve probably sinned more than once, and broke my own rules, here and in other blogs. Please tell me, and I’ll fix it immediately. Electronic media allows easy fixing…

What do you think? Did I miss something? Am I too strict?

Last time I wrote about it was almost two years ago, and in Hebrew – here.

* The last rule was added after a comment from the Guinness Bartender.

Of courae, this also applies to my Forex Trading Blog.

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