My Bloggers Code of Ethics

Following a few incidents I had, here are 6 simple rules that comprise my code of ethics. They are simple straightforward and logical. I’ll be glad for feedback:

  1. No spam.
  2. Comments: Please respond to the contents of the post.
  3. Credit for help: If I’ve helped you with something on your blog that required significant attention – more than answering a single question – please thank me with a small link to the blog.
  4. Picture usage: Use freely and credit with a small link to the blog.
  5. Content usage: Want to quote / copy /recycle my content? Please copy no more than two paragraphs and link to the original post.
  6. No insults: No unnecessary insults, to the blog owner, guest writers, or commentators.

That’s it! I’ve probably sinned more than once, and broke my own rules, here and in other blogs. Please tell me, and I’ll fix it immediately. Electronic media allows easy fixing…

What do you think? Did I miss something? Am I too strict?

Last time I wrote about it was almost two years ago, and in Hebrew – here.

* The last rule was added after a comment from the Guinness Bartender.

Of courae, this also applies to my Forex Trading Blog.

Holiday Thoughts

The spring is here again, and in Israel there are always days of extreme heat – Hamsin. Yesterday was a day of suffering, with hot temperatures and sand storms. Although I don’t live in the desert, I still get my share of sand.

Lying in bed, waiting for the heat to go, I recalled a trip to Peru, where I deliberately went into the sand – and skiing! It was very fun for me, a little less for my camera, that needed repair afterwards. Check it out:


Sand Skiing in Haucachina
Sand Skiing in Haucachina

After I saw that sand can be fun, I needed to cool down, at least mentally. Later on in that trip, I’ve been to the Cordillera Blanca, near the city of Huaraz. It sure was cold there:


Santa Cruz Trek
Santa Cruz Trek

When I first started blogging, the trip to Peru was high on my blogging agenda. I managed to write only 3out of 5 planned posts. I thought that in this Passover holiday I’d complete the task, but the heat, oh the heat..My laziness won. I hope to get to it sometime…

I did manage to cover my trip to Ethiopia quite thoroughly though

Happy holidays!

What updates are suitable for Twittr? And which for Facebook?

With both Twitter and Facebook at my hands now, I’m deliberating where to update which statuses. 

I recently began using Twitter. It all began after a colleague of mine took me to a “tweetup” – a meeting of the Israeli tweetup community, or at least the ones that consider themselves social media experts, and a few others.

Anyway, this tweetup was at one of my favorite bars in Tel Aviv, Norma Jean, so I was highly motivated to go to this meeting – Did anyone say Belgian beers? When I arrived, I was asked about my twitter username. I didn’t have one then, but it didn’t stop me from drinking.

So, peer pressure and a couple of beers got to me to finally register. So, I began tweeting under @yohay. I follow people and they follow me. OK.

At first, I connected my Twitter account to my Facebook account. I thought that if Ill update Twitter, it’ll automatically reach FB, and I can broadcast everybody that way.

But when I got replies in different places, it was confusing. The discussions, sometimes with the same people and sometimes with different people, were messy.

So, I decided to separate the accounts. I post different nonsense on each tool. 

Currently I post weird thoughts on Facebook, and day to day stuff on Twitter. For example, yesterday I wrote on FB “Yohay is in the right place at the right time” and on Twitter I wrote that I’m warming up at home. Well, it was cold outside…

I still prefer Facebook over Twitter – I prefer the structured Status-Comments in Facebook, rather than the non structured list on Twitter.

For those of you using both services, how do you separate the statuses? Are there any rules? Is it random?

Victory will be ours

Here’s a report that will help fall asleep at night:
Israel would win a nuclear war
From the article:

Study compiled by US Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), headed by a former Pentagon analyst, explores several hypothetical scenarios for unconventional warfare in our region. Authors find ‘Israel’s residents and economy could weather nuclear war with Iran’

Well, the worst scenario would end in a victory, so we have nothing to worry about. I wonder who pays for building these horrific scenarios. I also hope that the US, the only country that dropped atomic bombs, is spending more money preventing a nuclear holocaust.

So before we see an atomic mushroom, here’s a mushroom that my camera caught on Queen Charlotte’s Track in New Zealand – a nuclear free country.

New Zealnad Mushroom