If Neil Young doesn’t come to Israel, then

I’ll go see him elsewhere. I’ve just received my entry ticket to the Rock Werchter festival. Neil Young is performing on July 4th, the second day of the 4-day festival.

I became a fan of Young in the past few years. I love his songs, his lengthly guitar solos, and his political thoughts. It’s amazing that this singer is still creating new and exciting material all the time. Many of his generation (he’s been in Woodstock!) are not active anymore.

I’ve featured his songs a few times on the blog, and here’s the song No Hidden Path from his last album Chrome Dreams II:

More about Neil Young in Wikipedia, and for news, check out Thrasher Wheat’s excellent fan blog.

Apart from Young, the festival has lots of other big names that are definitely worth seeing: Radiohead, R.E.M, Lenny Kravitz, My Morning Jacket and Moby to name a few. Check out the site for all the details.

So, in two months time, I’ll be at a small Belgian village, enjoying those performances. Yeah!