Beautiful Sinai Beaches – The Afterpost

Many things have changed since my last visit to the beaches of Sinai (air-conditioned Taxi!), but the beautiful beaches haven’t changed. Only after being there, I realized how much I missed the blue-turquoise waters, the yellow beaches and the red mountains.

Sinai Beaches

More pictures from Sinai

Apart from all this romanticism, it was really fun. Inbal, Dana, Islay, Almost30 and myself went to Bir Sweir, about 40 kilometers south of Taba (Israel-Egypt border crossing point). Contrary to previous visits in Sinai, the food was really good. The traditional Sahlab was full of fruit and carefully designed. The other dishes were of high quality (and design (again)).


We were mostly alone on the beach. This was different from previous visits. This is probably due to previous attacks on tourists in Sinai and maybe also due to the fact that this was a normal weekend, and not holiday season in Israel. Well, more peace and quiet for us!

So, what did we do there? Absolutely nothing. And it was great! I have lots of pictures that were taken while resting on the carpets…

Doing nothing in Sinai

I hope to go there again towards the end of the summer. If anyone wants the details of very recommended place we’ve been to, contact me.