Every Third Visitor uses Firefox

Every third visitor of this humble site used Firefox to access it. Firefox – 34%, Internet Explorer 63%. The rest goes to Netscape, Safari, Opera and others.

This data (from Google Analytics) refers to March 2007. The usage of Firefox grow month over month. is very similar to the data presented by W3Schools which is the first result for “Browser Statistics” using Google (yet again).

About the statistics

Readers of blogs are, in many cases, people are Internet enthusiasts, more technology savvy – thus have a greater chance of installing Firefox and not using the default IE that comes with Windows. Some of them prefer Linux or Mac over Windows in the first place. What I’m trying to say, is that the results might lean somewhat towards Firefox.

Still, serious competition to IE is here to stay. I think that the last time that Microsoft’s IE was struggling was way back in the 90s when Netscape controlled the browser market.

The features that I enjoy in Firefox

On a personal note, I began using Firefox only about one year ago. Till then, I used (and developed for) IE. Firefox’s features are better than IE, though I still need IE for many Israeli sites. Many sites, including my bank, don’t support Firefox. So, if I want to see that I have a few cents in my account, I must use IE. Using FF will make my money disappear…

There are two features that I don’t know how I could have lived without. I’m not talking about the tabs. The CTRL + which allows easily enlarging the text, makes my life much easier. I can now lean back and read the text from afar.

The second excellent feature is textual search. I use it all the time, and its far more convenient than IEs. Once you try it out, you don’t turn back.

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