New Beginning

After over a decade of programming, I now turn to a different path in my career: pro-blogging.

I’ve already written this post in Hebrew, but it’s important enough (for me) to write it again in English.

This career shift wasn’t trivial: it’s easier to continue life as it is, without making any changes. My employer until last week, was Metacafe, a company that I enjoyed working for, and was definitely my best employer in the industry. With a comfortable atmosphere, and being situated 10 minutes from my house on foot, it was very convenient.

This blog is alive for over 3 years. In addition, I’ve been involved in a few more projects in the blogging scene. I enjoy this very much. In the past few years, professional blogs have sprung all over the world.

This gave me inspiration to start my own professional blog, in a field that I’m familiar with, and is also lucrative: foreign exchange. Forex Crunch consists of daily and weekly outlook, technical analysis, opinions and everything that is forex-related. It’s my main project at the moment and the most mature one.

I assume that most of the readers of this blog aren’t too keen about forex, but may find much more interest in another project: The Networking Blog. I’m co-authoring the blog with Doron Gez, who is a master of social networking. We write about all the aspects of networking – referring to social sites and also to real life practices and experiences.

I’ll post more projects along the way. But don’t worry, this blog will remain personal and political (of course). And it’ll stay ad-free.

For those of you that worry about this insecure future, I’ll add that I’ve saved enough money during my hi-tech years for a long period. I’m very optimistic about my new path, but if things go wrong, I can always go back to programming.