So hot outside and in the job market

Summer in Tel Aviv has become harsher. More hot and more humid. I think that they reported it in the news. Well, now that the war is over, the heat can raise it’s head.

Instead of continuing my duties as a bum, I find myself running from between job interviews. I was expecting many interviews and a good job market, but this is really intense. As I previously wrote, only one HR company is taking care of me. I could have contacted 5 good companies such as this, but I found that one is enough. I’ve already been to 11 meetings in 9 different companies.

Running between job interviews can be very tiring. Especially when the air conditioner in my car gets tired at noon time, in the hottest hours. When I go out in the morning, I have to take an extra shirt or two, so I can change and show up properly to these interviews. It’s not that I have to be all dressed up for a programmer’s position. I come with sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt, like a normal Israeli programmer looks like. I just prefer that my appearance will not include sweat stains…

It’s also tiring to tell about myself over and over again. When they ask me to tell about myself, I just ask if to start from the end or from the beginning of my professional carreer, and then I just turn on the auto pilot. I started saying no to companies over the phone. I feel free to reject a company just by its name or geographical location. More than 30 minutes drive became a no-no.

This could be a bubble. I don’t know. The vast amount of jobs reminds me of the happy bubble days, but on the other hand, many companies do intense testing for every candidate. There are many jobs out there, but the road to signing a contract isn’t that short.

So where do things stand? Currently there are 3 companies that I’m enthusiastic about.

The first one took me through 2 sessions which included doing 2 tests and being interviewed by 4 people. And it isn’t over yet. They are sending me to some kind of personality tests in a special institute. It’s an 8 hour day that includes exams, a personal interview and a group session. I have never been asked to undergo such terrible exams. Many people consider these exams as torture. Well, there’s always a first time. Anyway, I liked the company, so I hope I’ll make it.

The second company called me for two sessions. One was a professional interview which I passed, and the second one was with a more senior manager. Everything seems good there. They were impressed from me, and I was impressed from them. The second meeting, which was today seemed like a perfect date. It was so positive. Except kissing at the end, it was really like a very successful date. I’m waiting for a third meeting with the big boss, and then for a job offer.

The affair with third company began just yesterday. I got there through a friend who told me lots of good stories about his workplace. He got me the interview (the only one not through the HR company). He convinced me that this is a good place to work at. The problem is, that the guy that interviewed me hardly asked me any questions and wasn’t certain if he had an opening in his team. Originally, he wan’t supposed to meet me, so he wasn’t prepared. He also jsut returned from reserve service in Lebanon, so he was somewhat confused. Since this process is only at the beginning, I guess I’ll have to sniff around in order to get an answer soon. I don’t want to hold up other places while waiting for an answer from this place. Tactics.

And other places? All the other places were ok, but not so great. Some want to call me up for another meeting and some didn’t answer yet. Rejection? Not yet, but today I had a really bad interview. I’m sure that this will result in my first rejection letter.

If my calculations are correct, and things will continue on the positive side, I’ll probably have to make a decision next week. I hate decisions !