Happy Passover 2008

Last year I’ve complained the same ritual repeats itself every year. This time, your suffering Jew complains about the fact the eve of the holiday is on Saturday, thus taking away a vacation day from work.

Being a Jew is never easy, and especially hard during the 7 days of Passover. No bread, no pizza, no cookies and no beer! Luckily, I skip these rules…

Dancing Camel Party Passover 2008

Regarding the beer: I’ve attended the traditional “Biur Hametz” ceremony at Dancing Camel’s brewery in Tel Aviv. Instead of cleaning and burning down every piece of bread, as requested by Jewish tradition, we “got rid” of all the beer (non-Kosher as well).

There were 4 regular commercial beers, and 6 special seasonal beers. I’ve tasted all of them, and it was very fun. It’s just a pity that the sound in the brewery was awful, and it was hard to talk with other people. I’ll check it out next year!

Anyway, I don’t have too much to say except Happy Passover!