A different demonstration

DemonstrationOn Thursday evening I’ve been in yet another demonstration against the war. This time, it was organized by Peace Now. That made a big difference. Here are all the pictures. Up to now, the demonstrations were organized and dominated radical / extreme left organizations. The contination of the war, the uncertainty of its goals and the large number of victims also moved people to opposition. But the previous demonstrations didn’t move anyone, maybe even created antagonism.

Another image from the demonstrationOn Thursday morning, Peace Now and the left wing Meretz party joined the opposition. It took them a full month, but nevertheless, its a good development. The slogan “Peace Now” seems somewhat irrelevant, but the brand name is very meaningful. Peace Now is connected with the famous 400,000 demonstration in 1982, after the Sabra and Shatila massacres in Beirut. It has always been active in the Israeli left. In addition to the people that are joining the opposition because of whats going on, now there is a chance that the protesters will also draw more people.

anti warThe demonstration itself was already different. Instead of the red communist flags, flags of Palestine and symbols of anarchy, this demonstration saw lots of blue and white flags, and also flags of Meretz party. The demonstration was small, but it attracted the media, and that’s important. It was on a narrow sidewalk in front of the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, and it was organized in the last moment. I’m sure that if there will be no ceasefire, they will produce a giant demonstration in Rabin Square. They have the money and skills.

I hope it will not be necessary.