OneVoice for Peace – big event on October 18th

One Voice is a movement that wants to put an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They are organizing giant rallies in Tel Aviv and Jericho on October 18th. Details here. I’ll be there.

Like other peace movements that have come together in the past years, OneVoice enters the vacuum that our leaders created. They try to unite the moderate people on both sides. The moderate people who want peace are the majority, but the extremists seem to control our lives for too long.

How are they different from other non government peace movements?

This the question that I’ve asked Daniel Lubetzky, the president and founder of One Voice at a blogger meet up in a Tel Aviv cafe. His answer included two significant differences:

OneVoice is a grassroots organization, connecting people at the bottom and putting pressure on the leaders. This is different from the Geneva Initiative.
Another difference is that they don’t propose a complete political solution (like The People’s Voice), but ask questions in a survey that they’re running.

Will they bring peace?

I doubt it. I’m not sure that our leaders have the resources to pull through. Another disengagement plan will be hard to implement in Israel at this time. And in Gaza, Hamas is in control.

But, I always support enthusiastic and good people who try to bring peace.

Anyway, I’ll attend the rally on October 18th, and I’ll keep on spreading the word.