Sinai, here we come!

Tomorrow night, I’m taking a long weekend off, and traveling to the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. A bunch of friends and myself are going to the lie on the beach for 4 days, doing absolutely nothing.


Well, we are going eat (Hummus and Fish mostly), drink (Sahlab primarily), and maybe even fell the water of red sea, but no real activities are planned…

In the past 2 and half years, since the terrorist attacks on Taba and Ras-A-Satan ( and a few more that followed), not many Israelis dare to go there. But I’m sick and tired of being afraid, and bombs go off also here in Israel.

I’ve been 5 times to Sinai, and I really love the laid back atmosphere, the deep blue sea, the red mountains, and being cut off from the hectic modern life. Apart from those big words, it is just so fun!

I promise to write and share photos when I’m back.

Salam Alekum.