Happy Passover (it needs an upgrade)

Tonight we are celebrating Passover. I’m getting tired of the same ritual year after year. The story stays the same with the text’s old style. I wish it would be upgraded.

Since the Israelites left Egypt, we had lots of trouble with other nations who held us as slaves or in a lower class. And today, for the last (almost) 40 years, we are holding most of the Palestinians under occupation.

So we can read the Hagada (the story of Moses leading us out of Egypt) over and over again (in my family we read until the “eat now” section). I think that we should open our eyes to more modern history, and also look into the present.

Passover is also about getting together with family relatives, being the most family centric holiday in the calendar. Something personal: this will be the first Passover without my grandfather, who passed away last summer. He was always at the head of the table, managing the “Seder“. I think that his absence will be felt tonight.

Anyway, I enjoy the holiday from work, and as a very secular Jew, I will not skip bread, pizza or beer.

Happy holidays and Hag Sameach!