Rating is Everything

Spotback allows instant rating and tagging for everything. I’ve installed their slider (below) and their sidebar widgets, and it looks quite good. Anyone can tag, rate and see relevant posts from other places.

It is currently in a closed beta. Spotback is in Israeli startup, and they seem to have nice people working for them (at least now when they are still small). More info on their blog, and in TechCrunch.

What do think of it? Is it cool? Is it too Web 2.0-ish? Is this a great way to find related and interesting information? Is it another annoying feature?

If you like rating but Spotback isn’t enough for you, check out TheGorb, where you can rate and view ratings of people by their email addresses. Cruel! At the time of the writing, they are featuring US presidential candidates on their home page.

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