Mixtape – 3 Long Songs that I love

I hereby present a mixtape of 3 long songs that I love. All three have the same musical motive: They are mostly two chords: Am and F. Maybe it’s Bm / G or Em / C, but it doesn’t matter – just a shift.



I can’t explain the mystery of this combination. Songs like these always draw my attention. Improvising on this motive is fun. I play guitar and base guitar and when I jam with some friends of mine we can hang to such a song for a very long time.

If you enjoy guitar improvisations, then sit back, relax, and enjoy. This mixtape needs some patience and serenity.

There are lots of other such songs, but these are the ones I’m listening to lately. So here’s the short playlist

00:00 – 18:11 – Neil Young – Cowgirl in the sand, from the live album “2000 Road Rock, Vol. 1 Friends & Relatives”. (2000)

18:11 – 29:41 – Pink Floyd – Pigs (Three Different Ones), from the album “Animals”. (1977)

29:41 – 48:11 – Archive – Lights from the album “Lights”. (2006)

Remember to buy the original albums. I’m not encouraging piracy of any form. If I’ll be asked to remove this mix tape by the owner’s of the rights, I’ll obey at once…

Thanks to Sharon and Atalanta for the inspiration. In their Hebrew blogs, they offered soundtracks to their blogs. A soundtrack for my blog is a challenge for me at this time, but mixtapes sure are fun!

Here’s a Hebrew blog dedicated to mixtapes.

I hope you’ll enjoy.