Happy New Year

Shana Tova!

This evening we celebrate the new year in the Jewish calendar. Shana Tova is what you hear from everybody in the last few days. Instead of saying goodbye, the blessing is for a happy new year. The custom is to eat an apple dipped in honey. I prefer honey mustard ssauce on my spare ribs. The festivities last for 2 days, so Sunday is a day off from work (oh yeah). Since it is one of the only holidays that my family celebrates and forces me to appear at, I’ll be driving all the way down to the desert town of Beer Sheva.

The year ended quite bad. The recent war up north still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. People here in the Tel Aviv bubble don’t really deal with the war anymore. It’s over, next. But the war left it’s scars, and hurt the hopes for peace. It has also hurt the hopes for social reforms. It seems that the terrible gaps between the rich and the poor (the war helped exposing them) won’t be reduced soon. Many people have less trust in the country and its leaders. Potential alternative leaders aren’t really seen around. Maybe next year will be better.

Personally I had quite a good year. I just recently finished 4 months of being unemployed. It was so fun! I’ve been to Peru for 6 weeks, and then just enjoyed my beloved Tel Aviv. And, the new start at the new job seems quite promising (touch wood, its only 3 weeks).

In less than 4 months there is another new year celebration (2007). I get to celebrate according to all the traditions.

Well, all the new year messages I get wish me luck, health, peace, love, blessings, etc. Well, thanks everybody. I just wish everybody (and myself) a lot of money. With a lot of money, I will already make up my mind and make the wishes come true.

Shana Tova !