Free Lunch 2.0

After complaining on Twitter that a meal of noodles wasn’t tasty, the restaurant contacted me and sent me again the dish I ordered. 

I’ve mentioned before that I began using Twitter (@yohay), and I use it more frequently now. Due to the growing popularity of the #fiddme tag (thanks @yosit), I occasionally post my experiences from various meals that I eat.

Last Wednesday, a colleague of mine and I ordered some Asian food to the office, from a restaurant called Giraffe. We ordered their “Spicy dish” of noodles with meat and vegetables. We both felt that it wasn’t spicy, nor hot, nor warm. It didn’t have too much of a taste. I usually order other dishes from this restaurant, and I’ve always been pleased. I guess it’s a matter of taste.

I complained on Twitter, saying that it was a disappointment. On Sunday, I suddenly got an email from a guy from the restaurant, saying that he saw my complaint, and that they’re taking it seriously.

This guy monitors the Twitter account of the restaurant, and he reached my mailbox via the contact form in my blog. My blog is linked in my Twitter account. Web 2.0 magic!

After a few emails, he asked for my phone number, saying that the restaurant’s manager wanted to speak to me. I told the whole story to the manager. He just asked if I’ll be in the office in the next 40 minutes, saying he’ll send the dish again.

After 30 minutes, the dish arrived at the office. They also sent a dessert. My colleagues helped me with eating up all the food. Thanks Gil and @taltalush This time it tasted really good!

I ran lots of tweets when the story unfolded. @lisang urged me to write a blog post about this story in English, so that Israeli Anglos that are used to appalling service, will see an example of good service. Not only good service, but also sophisticated means of communication!

Here’s the dessert, courtesy of Taltal: