Only in Israel: Local Beer is More Expensive

I’ve already praised the Israeli “Dancing Camel” beer. It’s a tasty unfiltered beer that is a good competitor to the Belgian beers that I love.

Unfortunately, it became expensive. At my local bar, called “Armadillo”, they sell a pint (about 500ml) for 30 shekels. $7.5 for a local draft beer is way too much. It’s the most expensive beer in this bar. It tops beers that are imported from Europe (such as Weihenstephan , and naturally tops beers that are produced here, such as Danish beers Carlsberg and Tuborg. All these beers cost 20-25 shekels for a pint, which is a common price. Beer in Europe is much cheaper.

I asked the bartender about the high price, and she just said: “It’s an expensive beer”. I’m frustrated that a beer that is produced within a walking distance of the bar costs so much. I can understand that it’s a “boutique” beer – not a beer made in mass production, but it’s local!

So, I didn’t dance with the camel, but found comfort in my Weihenstephan. The high price of Dancing Camel remains unsolved.


Drinking in Armadillo