Gaza War – 10,000 Israeli Protesters Couldn’t Stop the Invasion

For the third time in a week, I came to protest against the ongoing war in Gaza. This time, the turnout was massive: there were about 10,000 people that came to protest against the war in Gaza, that is going on.

Gaza War - Big Demostration Against It
Gaza War - Big Demostration Against It

The rally was bothered by group of “counter protesters” – right wing activists that didn’t like this demonstration. Luckily, the police was scared that this event would turn violent, and there were lots of policeman that kept the two sides seperated.

The war has quite strong support among the Israeli public. But when the public is asked about the ground operation – the Israeli public is divided is divided 50-50.

Unfortunately, the ground operation began this evening, exactly in the time of the protest (and the counter protest): Lots of troops and tanks entered the northern Gaza strip. It’s all over the news.

Tens of thousands of Israeli reserve soldiers will be drafted very very soon. For Israelis, this is much more scary than the conflict was until tonight. Here’s a short video to get a feeling of the demonstration:


10,000 Israeli Protesters Couldn’t Stop the Ground Operation in GazaClick here for the most popular videos

I believe that even a succsseful operation will leave casualties on our side, something that will turn around the Israeli public from support to unapproval of the Gaza war. Barak’s war games before the elections will not achieve his goal to become popular.

I know that you, my readers are tired of hearing of yet another protest, but apart from showing that there’s another opinion in Israel, going to protests and writing about in my blog are probably the most I can do to stop this useless bloodshed.

Big Rally Against the Gaza War
Big Rally Against the Gaza War

And I’ll keep going to protests, and I’ll keep on reporting about them.

And relating again to my readers, in the past few days I’ve received a huge amount of comments. I’m not used to it, and I can’t respond to all of them. I apologize. I was quoted in Ynet, and received lots of entries from Google that are related to the Gaza war. I can’t respond to all of them, and I’m glad that in some cases, the readers began a discourse amonsgt themselves.

More picture from the Big Anti Gaza War Demonstration.