Its my birthday

Today I celebrate 29 years.

For many months, when I’m asked of my age, I already say 29, so I’m used to it. Usually I celebrate with some friends. I used to invite people to my house, or go out to a pub. Sometimes only with close friends, sometimes with almost everybody I know. This year I decided to give it up. I don’t feel like making all the phone calls, explaining how to get there, and apologizing for the lack of parking spaces. I also don’t feel being obligated to mingling with all my guests. I prefer being a guest. I think that I’ll save my energy for the next birthday, the big 30.

Well, a birthday is also a time to think over. Well, everything is ok, isn’t it? I live a comfortable life. I live in a city that I like very much, and I live in a good standard of living. I have girlfriend that I love, and she isn’t too demanding. In the past months I’ve enjoyed freedom from the burden of work: Traveling around and then resting here in Tel Aviv has been excellent for me. In the past weeks, when I did start job searching, I found that it was very easy, lots of possibilities, and that the salaries are excellent. So, everything is ok.

Well, I still feel that there’s something missing. The movie Lost In Translation still doesn’t leave my head. In the movie, the main characters both have everything: solid families, no financial worries, and a wonderful time in Tokyo. Still, they lack something. They are both bored with what they have, and are seeking some kind of new excitement. This movie seriously affected me. I can very strongly relate to the characters.

John Lennon said:

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

I don’t really have plans, so I guess that mediocre life is  here to stay.

Most of the time I don’t have these melancholic thoughts. I simpy enjoy life as is, but today is my birthday, so…

Happy birthday to me