Wordcamp Israel was Great

The first ever Wordcamp conference in Israel was a great success! 150-200 people attended the event, that was organized by volunteers.

Wordcamp Israel

All the pictures from Wordcamp Israel 2007. Start slideshow.

Many aspects of blogging and WordPress were discussed throughout the day. The technical issues ranged from installing and basic configuring of WordPress, through a small dip into designing with CSS and up to speeding page loads in WordPress.

The non-technical lectures featured Lorelle VanFossen as the keynote speaker. I enjoyed her lectures, which were interactive, funny and insightful. The Israeli speakers and panelists talked about WordPress as platform for expressing yourself in cultural issues, as well as marketing and knowledge management.

Legal issues, podcasts and even Facebook were also discussed along the day. The only bad thing that I can say about the event was that it was much longer than expected. The last lecture was 90 minutes late. Since I wasn’t in any hurry, I didn’t bother me…

Wordcamp Panel

Except listening to interesting lectures and panels, such events consist of lots of mingling. Since it’s Israel, and most of the participants aren’t into making a business out of their blogs, I can’t call it networking.

Anyway, this time I only revealed one or two faces that I haven’t sen before. All these blogging conferences and parties in the past year or so really made a community out of these independent bloggers. A good community of good people that I enjoy meeting.

Well, enough said. Special thanks go to Tal Galili, Hannit Cohen, and Ehud Keinan for organizing the event. Many other assisted.
If you want to dive into the details of the lectures, just explore the conference’s website.

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