Spotback and Picli followup

During my use of Spotback‘s rating tools, I had a few comments about their service. I sent them to the contact person over there. I must say that they took my comments seriously, and they were very kind. I don’t think that will implement / or have implemented my remarks, but they sure are listening.

Now, Spotback’s service is open to any anyone. I was mostly impressed by the high ability to customize their widgets. You can really do almost anything with them, including playing with all the bits and pieces, and using CSS to change everything.

I am quite lazy, and I’m not so good in matching colors (well, I’m a boy), so the only thing I did was make a fast translation of their widget to Hebrew. Now, my Hebrew posts contain a Hebrew version of the widget. Anyway, they seem to be on the right track.


I wrote a somewhat nasty post about how Picli (the Digg for photos) can be gamed easily. I was very surprised that hours after that post, someone from the Picli contacted me. He explained that the current voting situation is temporary and asked me if I had more comments.

Again, I was impressed from the seriousness of the company. I hope that they will improve and have a good product (tough competition ahead…)

Both companies are young, highly motivated and have great ideas in hand. I wish them Great Success!

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