Away with 2006 – Happy 2007

It’s again that time of the year – the end.

The most significant event of 2006 was undoubtedly the war between Israel and the Hizballah in Lebanon. Except the killing and the destruction, it exposed the Israeli government’s negligence of its citizens. Refusing to officially declare the fighting as a war, saved some money for the state, money that was necessary for the paralyzed economy of the north of this country.

The border town of Kiryat Shmona was abandoned by its strong citizens, while the weaker ones stayed there to suffer. The comparison to Katrina in New Orleans is inevitable. The war exposed the government’s mismanagement and the widening gaps between the rich and the poor. Many people feel that the country doesn’t belong to them, but to a small elite group of corrupt businessmen and cynical politicians.

In the meantime, life in Tel Aviv was as usual. The streets were full and the job market (at least in the hi-tech industry) was steam hot.

Anyway, I’ve been reacting to the news about the war many many times, and in both languages. I “created news” just once, when visiting Haifa during the war, and “reporting” from there (well, personal impressions). Improved pictures are here.

Next year, I hope to write a more personal end year roundup.

Happy 2007!