4 New Year’s Resolutions

I’ll give this fun game a shot and I may even check up on this by end 2016. To make it real, I’ll list 4 goals and completing 2/4 will be good enough. 3/4 would be great and reaching 4/4 impossible.

  1. Breaking 1:30 in a half marathon: This isn’t really a new goal: it’s been with me since the summer, but in early 2016 it may or may not come to fruition. I’m reaching the “money time” in the season in good shape, but is it good enough to achieve this goal? I just smashed my 10K PR and ran at a pace of 4:12 per kilometer. Clocking 1:30 in 21.1K implies running 4:15/K. That’s 3 second faster in the shorter distance but not there yet. In the previous season, my best efforts were 4:26 in a half and 4:19 in a 10K. Let’s see my progress in the Sitges half on January 10th.
  2. Maintaining at least one blog post per week: This should be the easiest goal to reach, as I fell a lot of enthusiasm. Maintaining something has less barriers than lifting something from the ground up. But well, I’ve abandoned this space in the past, so maybe it’s not that easy.
  3. Getting back to playing guitar: As with blogging in 2015, I’m looking for a comeback in 2016. I have played the base guitar and even performed and beforehand I played the classic and electric guitars. Playing the base requires a band and that’s time consuming with other priorities at hand. So maybe I’ll get back to a classic guitar and just sing along.
  4. Making more effort to stay in touch: With all the individualism and despite the ease of communication with all these social networks, I’ve been on passive mode with too many people. I want to take time and effort to be less passive. However, this does imply being even more passive or just letting go other relationships. Contrary to the previous goals which are more measurable, this one is a tough to calculate, thus making it harder to achieve, but it’s certainly worth trying and shouldn’t be too hard.

These resolutions aren’t hugely ambitious. Choosing achievable goals makes life easier and there’s no need to set high-in-the-sky goals for a period of 12 months. Maybe I’m lazy, but I live with myself in peace 🙂

Here’s a nice photo from a recent trip, waking up and smelling the coffee. The coffee was actually terrible, but it still makes a nice photo: