Back to blogging?

Hi there. I haven’t written anything on my blog in over two years, and it wasn’t even here at the time. So I guess this is version 2.0 or perhaps reigniting blogging in the era of social media or post-bloggerism if you wish.

Anyway, for those of you who haven’t followed me back then, I began writing Things and Stuff back in July 2006 under the now defunct address The bi-lingual Hebrew-English blog included all sorts of musings. It was very active until around 2009, when I switched from working as a computer program to blogging professionally (OK, not only blogging) and writing here dwindled down.

Posts did appear sporadically afterwards, with the How I almost lost my life drinking water series, but since then I’ve been living well but blogging died out. Worse off, I didn’t follow an old inbox and missed the renewal of the domain name.

The good news is that all that content has been saved, including all comments (those nasty ones as well). And, I managed to copy everything to this new domain, which, as a personal blog, bears my personal name.

So why am I renewing it?

  • New Year’s Resolution: Back in December 2014 I thought of renewing the writing and even conceived the idea of using this domain name. Once I stopped procrastinating, the process wasn’t hard, but it came to fruition only in December.
  • Social media is not good for everything: I use Facebook for personal stuff and Twitter for work. I played around with Instagram (for personal photos) and I know I should use LinkedIn more for advancing my professional career. Anyway, social is not everything…
  • I want my own space: Following the previous point, a personal space is still the best for anything and everything, without any framework. I guess this point repeats the previous one, but maybe that’s the beauty: a perfect structure is not necessary…

I’ll be writing in English. Why?

  • I feel very comfortable in this language, even though I don’t master it 100%.
  • English allows me to reach everybody, or at least be accessible to everybody.
  • I really like the bi-lingual blog idea, but if I am to really renew writing on a regular basis, I’ll start with the international language. I might use Hebrew for angry political posts, but I’ll take it one step at a time.
  • I feel comfortable enough in Spanish and I’m very happy to have local and other friends here in Barcelona with whom I speak the language. This includes political opinions and telling everybody who I would vote for in the local elections. However, writing more than Whatsapp messages and short emails to the bank would result in sloppy language that I would be ashamed to read afterwards. Who knows, maybe I’ll do that as well some day, but not today.

What will I write about? I think I’ll take the path of least resistance and talk about running. As I write these words I am one day from the traditional Cursa dels Nassos – a traditional New Year’s Eve 10K race and I am certainly in shape to break my record. My second post in the new era will be easier if I make it. The picture is from the Barcelona Marathon this year. I still pound my chest proudly when remembering the achievement.

Regarding the design, it will change a bit, but I’ll try to spend time on writing rather than designing, beginning from the most standard theme possible.

So, here goes, let’s see if I can keep up with writing…