Tel Aviv Blogger Party – May Edition

Another Jewish holiday, another blogger gettogether at this Shavuot holiday.
May 23rd 2007, from 20:30, at Carmel‘s house.

Address: Prague 4, Apartment 2 (ground floor), Tel Aviv.
If you’re driving, entrance is only via Ben Yehuda street.

How to get to the blogger party

Bring: Any beverage or snack.
Agenda: None.

Already wrote about it (and coming of course): Sharon, Hannit. (Hebrew links)
More people have confirmed in the responses to these posts.

Except the Good neighbors blog, Carmel also writes in Hebrew here and here.

I would love to see some Israeli bloggers that write in English in this party.
It will be fun! Come along and confirm either here or in the others’ posts.

Rainbow in Tel Aviv

Stormy wintery weather finally arrived. It’s heavily raining for two days. Traffic has been bad due to the rain and many were late to work. For the ones who walk to the office, the way became shorter. The wind turned my umbrella inside out, so I found myself running fast to get the warm and dry office. Well, it was dry, but with no electricity, it was quite cold.

Enough rambling. The rain also brought out a nice rainbow. It was taken from the office, facing eastwards. Here it is (with the courtesy of Tali who took the pictures with my camera):


Rainbow in Tel Aviv

Happy holidays!

A sunny winter day in Tel Aviv

It’s probably the third straight week of non stop sunshine. The weathermen are worried, but I don’t like rainy days, so I’m quite content. Tif, Idan and Tali, fresh friends that I’ve recently met through the Free Hugs campaign, and myself went for an urban trip. The official goal was taking photos, and of course it ended up with lots of talking, and eating of course.

I’ll do some photo-posting, where I’ll feature some pictures. All the pictures that I’ve taken can be seen here.

The first ones are from my beloved Rotschild Avenue, in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Former Russian Embassy

Former Russian Embassy. Now Sothby’s auction house. It is shadowed by a modern office building.

Rotschild Avenue

 Rotschild Avenue, very close to my house.