Tel Aviv – A demonstration against the war

I just returned from a demonstration against the war. Yes, it was in Tel Aviv. There were 2500 people according to the Internet newspapers. It seems liitle, but it was much more than I expected, and more than a similar demonstration last week. Here are some pictures.


The protesters called to stop the war and stop the killing of civilians. Unfortunately, it wasn’t well organized. Different groups shouted different slogans. Many of the protesters were communists, and many others belonged to smal extreme leftists groups,  very far from mainstream. It wasn’t exactly my natural habitat. I was with some other moderate left wingers who felt the same. But, as the war continues, more and more people think it is wrong.

If the war continues, the protests will get stronger, and the military will stop praising the citizens as it does today. They praise the citizens for being patient and disciplined. How long will it last? How long will the war last?