My trip to Peru

I have been to Peru in May and June 2006.


Photo album from Peru

I will write a sort of “journal” about my trip to Peru. Since I only started blogging more almost 3 weeks after returning home, this is not a real journal. However, it should be interesting…

The dates of the posts will be modified to match the dates during the trip. As I said, gemmy blown inflatable they are not real journal entries.

My pictures are here.

More detailed information, such as recommendations on hotels, restaurants and prices, can be found on my page in World66.

Welcome to my Blog


Welcome to my blog. Here I will write some things on my mind. Some of them are personal, and some not. I will write in two languages: Hebrew and English. Most of the posts will not be translated. It is tiring and also sometimes irrelevant in the other language.

I usually have something to say, and I don’t always have the writing skills. Maybe I will develop them along the way…


Cusco to Machupicchu

Cusco PlazaThe ancient capital of the Incas is a beautiful vital city. Lots of impressing Inca remains in and around the city. It was very fun hanging out there, tasting special dishes and drinking quite a lot. I went from there to the famous Machupicchu through the gorgeous Salkantay trek, and also to the Manu jungle. Going paragliding is another notable experience for the intro… Continue reading “Cusco to Machupicchu”