Upcoming ceasefire and how it doesn’t matter in Tel Aviv

Today marked a full month since the beginning of the conflict. The Israeli death toll is at around 130, and I think we’ve passed the 1000 mark on the other side. Lots of people are badly wounded, and their lives are destroyed. The economic damage is enormous, and is currently hard to figure (and doesn’t receive too much coverage). There is already a UN resolution, and at the time of the writing, also the Lebanese government confirmed it. Tomorrow morning (Sunday) my government will also confirm it. It is supposed to start on Monday at 7:00 AM local time, which is midnight in New York.

So why does the fighting go on? I don’t know what’s going on on the other side, but I have lots of criticism on my government for raging on with a last minute operation. It is already reported that 11 soldiers were killed today, after the UN decision,  plus an unknown number of casualties in helicopter crash (probably hit by Hizbullah).

The headlines of the Israeli online news services in Hebrew say that this is a last effort to “win” and to reach the Litani river. But why? All the territory that will be held will require maintanence by many soldiers, until they will be replaced by the Lebanese army or multinational force. This endangers them and also costs a lot of money (for reserve soldiers). I don’t get it.

In the middle of the last week, just a few days ago, I began job searching. I decided that I should attend my bank account. I started slowly and contacted only one agency. That’s how it work in hitech jobs in Israel. You usually don’t apply to a company directly, but go through a “middleman”. These agencies, do all the filtering work for the hiring company, and get paid by them. It costs the worker anything. I know at least 5 good agencies like this, out of tens that are operating.

Anyway, I sent my CV only to one of them. They called me immediately, thanking me, and said they would check around. OK, take your time.

Suddenly I was stormed with phone calls. I had one interview on Thursday and I have 5 more for next week. I guess that more interviews will be set up during the week. It’s amazing. I am definitely not a great specialist or an extraordinairy professional. It’s the market, not myself. There is a great boom in the Israeli hitech industry, and it seems that also a month of war didn’t do anything to stop it. Even the slow month of August, when many Israelis take a vacation (well not like in Europe) doesn’t stop the great job market.

I am happy that it is this way, at least for myself. It’s nice being wanted, having job security. On a broader look, it isn’t so good. It just shows the extreme gaps that exist in Israel. The past years have seen economic growth. American economic growth. It affected only a small layer in society. The current war just widens the gap. While almost a third of the country’s population are stranded in shelters (if they have where to run to), the people living in the center of Israel still enjoy prosperity.

Something to think about, as soon as the ceasefire starts.

Sunday bloody Sunday

On Sunday there was a bloody killing of civilians in Qana. Just one night before, on Saturday night, I was sitting in a cafe with friends. We were arguing about the killing of Lebanese civilians. They were convinced that all the civilians that were killed were supporters of Hezbollah and not so innocent. I didn’t think so, but we don’t know the exact facts, so this didn’t lead anywhere. I raised another argument and said: “Forget moral issues, aren’t you worried that mass killing of Lebanese civilians will cause the world to halt our just operation against Hezbollah? Remember ‘Grapes of Wrath’?”. 

Contrary to my previous English post, Sunday sure was bloody. Its amazing how history repeats itself. 10 years ago, a military operation by Israel was halted after bombarding the exact same place and killing 100 civilians. This time it resulted in less casualties. But, anyway, it was deadly. I was sorry for all the Lebanese civilians. I was also soory for my country’s stupid actions, shooting itself in the leg, and destroying what was left of international support. The world will hate us much more, and the war will end with our “loss”. The limited achievements of our military against Hezbollah will be jepordized by this tragedy.

But the war didn’t end! It wasn’t supposed to go this way. After two calmer days, it was “war as usual” once again. Fresh rocket attacks in the north of Israel, Renewed bombardments in Lebanon, and fiercer fighting on the ground. Today (Thursday) was the deadliest day in Israel since the war began: 8 civilians and 4 soldiers were killed.  

Everybody still remembers how the war began. But it becomes harder to remember how life was different just a few weeks ago. My personal life wasn’t affected, but a third of my country’s population live a totally different life. On the other side, things are much worse.

Prospering tourism in northern Israel? Gone. Prospering tourism in Lebanon? Gone. It seems so distant.

Tonight, Nasrallah promised that an attack on Beirut would be followed by rockets on Tel Aviv. He said that at about 20:30, prime time on Israeli TV. At 1:00 there were reports of Israeli bombardments of Beirut. So, are we going to see rockets / missiles here in the morning? At least we’ll get rid of the traffic jams…

I got to see my friends from Haifa. So the war did bring us together. They told me that the war ruined their plans for working this summer. So, no vacation for them this year ! Now they are already back in Haifa and they report that Haifa is quiet.

We are already 23 days into the war. It seems that America still encourages Israel, Iran still encourages Hezbollah, and Europe is slow as usual. So, we are stuck. Maybe the upcoming UN Security Council meeting  will bring an end to the hostilities.

Maybe not.

Help with a banner for a demonstration in London


London based Israelis who organise a demonstration in London, need help in creating a banner ASAP. The banner they  require is 486 width on 60 height and the most important thing is that it would be done quickly…

Please write to: [email protected]

If you know someone who can help, please forward this mail to him.

Update: The content of the banner will be as follows (in Hebrew): “A demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in London 3/8/06. Israeli citizens living in London will demonstrate against Israeli actions in Lebanon and in Gaza. Join us this Thursday at 16:00 in front of the embassy.”

Dangerous Virus – WORK !

This is something I received by mail and it suits my current status as a bum:

There is a dangerous virus being passed electronically, orally and by hand.
This virus is called Worm-Overload-Recreational-Killer (WORK).

If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss or anyone
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This virus will wipe out your private life completely.

If you should come into contact with WORK put your jacket on and take
two good friends to the nearest bar.
Purchase the antidote known as Work-Isolator-Neutralizer-Extractor
(WINE) or Bothersome-Employer-Eliminator-Rebooter (BEER). Take the
antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from
your system.

You should forward this warning to 5 friends.
If you do not have 5 friends, you have already been infected and WORK
is controlling your life.


Welcome to my Blog


Welcome to my blog. Here I will write some things on my mind. Some of them are personal, and some not. I will write in two languages: Hebrew and English. Most of the posts will not be translated. It is tiring and also sometimes irrelevant in the other language.

I usually have something to say, and I don’t always have the writing skills. Maybe I will develop them along the way…