My name is Yohay Elam. Since I usually make my living out of Internet programming, I thought I should also have my website.

I will write in two languages: Hebrew and English. Most of the posts will not be translated. It is tiring and also sometimes irrelevant in the other language.

I usually have something to say, and I don’t always already should have the writing skills. Working on it Making a living out of it, and improving every day.

Except the blog, I have here pictures from traveling to different places, from New Zealand to the West Bank. Maybe I’ll add more things here.

Some of things I write here are quite serious. Many others are not. Because, hey, this life, is it really serious? I don’t think so.

I will be happy to receive comments on any issue. Contact Me.

And, this is me:

Originally written in July 2006 and updated in December 2015.

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