God Bless America!

Obama made it! I’ve followed the elections throughout the night (here in Israel), and I’m so happy. This is one of the most exciting moments.


He did it with great style: At the time of the writing, he’s leading 349-159 in electors, and 5% in popular votes. Some results are still missing, but there’s no doubt that his victory is huge. A true landslide victory.

I had a few doubts regarding the polls, especially when I’ve seen somewhere the following question: Do you know someone that race influences his decision? A third of the people said Yes. Of course, no one admitted that he’s influenced, but a third of the people “know somebody” like that.

Well, at the end, it didn’t happen. The victory is huge, and the change that will happen in America, and around the world will be very tremendous.

What I expect to see

First, changing the state of mind regarding the economy is major. Even if he fails to provide health care for all Americans, putting this issue high on the agenda will help many Americans.

Another economic change is in tax policy: stating “spread the wealth” doesn’t really comply with the American way (McCain attacked him on this), and getting support for these socialist (god forbid) ideas in the US, will have a huge impact all over the world.

Regarding Iraq, I don’t have great expectations: the direction is outwards anyway. He won’t do it instantly, but it will happen soon.

And the biggest change is of course the color. Everyone talks about it. Obama declared that “Anything is possible“. A black man in conservative America’s White House is truly inspiring for everyone seeking for a positive change around the world.

In the meantime in the middle east

And what impact will it have on Israel? Well, we’re holding elections in three months, and there’s nothing to wait for. Our politicians are bad, boring, and cannot provide or even imagine any positive change. Maybe Obama’s victory will impact the next general elections.

But, in the municipal scene in my beloved Tel Aviv, Obama’s victory can give a push to Dov Khenin, my candidate for mayor. His red-green ideas, his dare to imagine while adopting practical ideas from to make these dreams real and his passionate campaign are somewhat similar to Obama’s way. I hope that Obama’s victory will give a push to our campaign in Tel Aviv, ending on November 11th.

I’m celebrating!