Out of the shadows

I haven’t been writing too much lately. The main reason was that my site was declared by Google as a “Reported Attack Site”. Well, this was removed after 12 dark days.

This wasn’t due to a political post they didn’t like or something that criticizes them. As I figured it out, it was probably a spam comment that I didn’t delete promptly.This contained some malicious script that pointed to evil sites. After removing the spam comment, I saw that Google visited my site every day, and since the day of being darkened, the malicious script wasn’t found again.

This had an effect on site visitors from Google. According to my statistics (Google Analytics, yep, Google again), about 50% of my visitors come search engines, mostly from Google. It also had an effect on visitors from Firefox who saw a scary message instead of seeing my humble blog.

In terms of traffic, I used to receive about 100 to 120 visitors every day on days that had no posts published on them, and when Google banned me, it got down to around 20 visitors a day. The numbers went up again immediately after the ban was lifted, before I wrote a new post.

You can see below my visitor statistics for August.

Banned by Google

The days between August 17 to August 26 are dramatically lower than the rest of the month.

So, I got to see, on my flesh, how Google effectively polices the Internet.