Walking by the Moon

Before the Golan Heights are handed over to Syria, I joined a group in nightly trek. We descended from Mitzpe Ophir, on the Golan to Ein Gev, on the waters of the Sea of Galilee.

It’s the first time that I made a night trek, starting at about 1:00 AM and ending with the first light, just before 5:00 AM. Seeing the slopes in the moonlight, the lights of Tiberius (on the other side) and the dark lake was wonderful.

Taking pictures in the dark was quite a challenge, but I got my lucky one:

This picture was taken after one of the steeper descends on the way, while waiting for the slower people in the group to come along 🙂

Picture of the Stars from Israel

15 seconds of exposure, and I didn’t see exactly what I was aiming for… Well, the stars were captured!

Anyway, thanks to the organizers, Yuval and Hagit for the great trip.