Purim Street Party – Best Event in Town

The annual Purim street party was held last night in the southern neighborhood of Floretin, Tel Aviv. And when I write “in the neighborhood”, I mean all of it. The party didn’t concentrate in one junction, one avenue or one square, but in lots of streets.

Florentin Party

There were thousands of people with costumes, as expected from the Purim tradition. I’ve noted the “Super Geek” costume (a girl with a red cape and a huge calculator), a guy with his Facebook profile attached to his clothes, and lots of angels and satans.

Facebook Costume

They were hanging out in many areas. Some places had live music: rock, punk, jazz, funk. Others just placed a sound system with a good vibration to rock the nation. Beer was sold here and there, but not something commercially organized.

Talking about organization, the unorganized, half-spontaneous nature of the street party was great. One thing was missing: the streets weren’t closed. At the beginning of the evening, more than a few cars tried to pass through, and it was somewhat annoying. Later on, the streets were effectively closed by the masses.

And what was my costume? I was a German tourist:


My costume wasn’t too hard to make…

Here are more pictures from the Florentin Street Party.