Frequent Dramatic News in Israel

The frequency of dramatic news in Israel astonishes many Westerners. Headlines that fill one day here are sufficient for a whole month in Belgium, Norway or New Zealand..

Today was a good example. A member of parliament is accused of working for the enemy during the war. A report by the State Comptroller recommends to open a criminal probe against the leader of our country – PM Olmert. A senior general admits that the army knew that the war couldn’t return the kidnapped soldiers.

And last but not least: The biggest political “earthquake” could be on Monday: The Winograd committee, appointed by the government to investigate the war, will hand in its interim report. It is long awaited. This report will seriously affect the careers of many politicians, and will hopefully reveal how decisions were made during the war.

For those of you who are interested in the Middle East or still troubled by the stupid war we had last summer, Monday afternoon (morning in the USA) should be even more dramatic.