Blog Statistics Tools and a Domain Discount

Here are two small tech / blog issues. First, blog statistics tools: what I use for seeing how many people come here and where do they come from. Second, I’m sharing a promo code that saves two dollars when buying new dot com domains names at

Stats: There’s been a lot of talk in the Israeli Hebrew Blogosphere about blog statistics and statistics tools. I’ll share my what I’m using:

Firestats: A great tool for watching the activity on the blog. I use it for seeing where people are coming from at this moment, and how many. It has a nice auto-refresh feature, geographic locations and many other cool features. It was developed by an Israeli developer named Omri.

Google Analytics: A more professional tool for analyzing trends. It’s optimized to be used with AdWords and other Google stuff. I think that it does an excellent job with counting only human hits on the site, filtering the various robots. I use it for more reliable data and for long term views of the site’s usage.

This was a short description of these tools and my usage of them. Visit these statistics tools’ sites for much deeper feature reviews.

Discount: is offering a $2 discount on domain names. If you intend on buying dot com domains, enter the promo code in the screen that comes just befores checking out.

When clicking on “Apply” you will see that the promo code lowered the domain name price from $8.95 to $6.95. Together with the fixed ICANN fee of 25 cents you pay $7.20 instead of $9.20.  For one domain for one year, two bucks isn’t a biggie, but if you’re doing some grand domain name shopping, saving more than 20% makes a difference. It expires on April 9th, 2007.

The code is gdm0312. Enjoy!