Uphill Struggle

I attend lots of demonstrations in various issues, about two three every month. Although it’s fun meeting the (same) friends at these protests, I feel that we aren’t changing almost anything.

My friends say that going to demonstrations has become a hobby of mine. It’s my preferred pass time Cheap Airblown Inflatable Adult Castle on Saturday evenings, when most of these protests take place.

During this summer, I’ve been to a nice bunch of demonstrations: against the biometric law, against hatred of homosexuals, and the recurring theme was a struggle against the deportation of foreign workers and their children from Israel.

Most of these protests draw a crowd of no more than 300 people. When I show up and draw a few friends to these events, I feel that I make a difference in the number of attendants.

But do I really make a difference? Probably not. A small group of people who care can do little to change. Most Israelis are tired of hard struggles, and prefer news as entertainment.

TV “reality” stars mean more than having the fifth of the population under the poverty line. “Sensational” stories like the Dudu Topaz story, or the Swedish scandal take over the media for many days. These stories have nothing do with our lives, nothing relevant to other people living here, which have real problems.

I guess I should do the same – concentrate solely on my personal life, which is not that shabby. As a Jew of European descent, a man, and a heterosexual, I belong to Israel’s elite. My life is easier “by design”.

Turning a blind eye to what’s going looks like the right choice.

  • laksi

    Turning a blind eye to what’s going looks like the right choice ??? uh uh, not you young man, not you!

  • Omer

    1. Perhaps these protests need better PR. It obviously need better press cover. Otherwise, you’ll keep seeing those 300 people, at most, and the effort won’t be affective.

    2. Although these protests used to mean something, and still do in some countries, maybe it’s not suitable for Israel 2009. We should think of other ways to make a difference.

  • Omer

    ומזל טוב!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laksi, it’s definitely the easy path to take…
    Omer, thanks for your comments. Yup, these protests are lacking PR. And thanks!