Tel Aviv Brochure Post #4937

Yet again, I’m flaunting my city and especially my neighborhood.

Tel Aviv has “Houses from within” weekend every year. This time, I went into the house across my home. The big house, from the 20s is being renovated for a few years, and will be in the works for a few more.

This house, and the one next door, will turn into a min-hotel and an apartment complex. There will be a bar and a swimming pool on the roof for the rich kids. I live in a standard apartment building that was built in the 90s.

So, I usually hear the noise and see the dust. This “Houses from Within” weekend gave me the opportunity to get inside, and look at my hood from above.

Here are more pictures, including an underground tour under Dizengoff center and a tour about sustainability with MK Nitzan Horwitz in the center of town.